Have you made your home radon free?

There are a lot of radiations always present around us, all of them have different impacts on our environment and health. One such kind of radioactive element is radon. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive element with a symbol Rn. It is present in the gaseous state and is colorless as well as odorless. Talking about molecular weight radon is denser than air. The purpose of elaborating radon in this manner is its significance in the medical field. Advance researches have shown that radon is not only highly carcinogenic (cancer causing) but mutagenic as well.

Source of radon:

Radon is formed by the decaying of uranium underground when uranium decomposes, the radiations it emits accumulates to form an intermediate product called radium, finally, radium breaks down to form radon which diffuses rapidly into the air and surround us everywhere. Along with that radon also releases radiation to form further small daughter radon products in the form of tiny solid particles which sticks on the stuff around. That is why radon inspection is done to measure the amount of radon in certain area to reduce it to a safe level.

Effects of radon:

Radon effects adults, kids, pets meaning hereby the presence of radon at a place is not good for any living thing around. Radon is estimated to be the second major cause of lungs cancer all around the United States. Lungs cancer is not only disease caused by radon inhalation, it can cause leukemia, childhood cancer and many neurological diseases in kids, radon impart a very hazardous effect on new born baby many of them cannot survive, rarely who survive they are either mentally retard or have other psychological disorders.

Safe level of radon:

According to EPA long term exposure to radon is hazardous event if it is present in smaller quantity. Standardly they have given a quantity, radon concentration below 4pCi /L is not considered harmful for a short time period but a little elevated level of radon than 4pCi/L is extremely dangerous.

At some places in the United States the concentration of radon is detected up to 60%. People living near the rocks and employs working in the mines are at higher risk of lungs cancer due to the presence of large amount of uranium there. That is Radon inspection is a compulsion in these areas.

Radon mitigation and installation company:

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Radon in home

We are surrounded by radiations all the time. And these radiations have different effect on us such as uv radiations , radio waves, cosmic Rays, there is another radiation to known as Radon gas yeah the same radon also called Noble gas .but the most striking thing is recent researches have revealed that radon is not as much Noble as we thought so.

Just imagine you are reading this article living in United States ,sitting in your luxury room, and there is also “ Radon in home”. Do you think it’s fine to you? Absolutely not because presence of Radon near us can be pretty much hazardous . Don’t know why?

  1. How presence of Radon is harmful for us?

It is quite an unfortunate thing if you are absorbing radon. Because radon is highly carcinogenic and can cause

  • Lungs cancer
  • CNS tumors
  • Leukemia
  • Childhood cancer
  • Respiratory disease and many more.

According to the calculations of US EPA 4pCi/L concentration of radon is a alarming point where one must take essential steps to reduce radon exposure.

Because we cannot stop the generation of radon underground but we certainly can reduce it’s concentration in our homes .

  • But the fact is….
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  1. Radon testing includes;

There are two major radon evaluation procedures

  1. Short term radon potential test
  2. The radon exposure test

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