what is personal finance? In this article details how you can be was able to build an income that almost does not require any work. He has been a great help to me!

Here are some examples :

Rental real estate. Even with a SMIC, you can buy parking on credit WITHOUT APPORT, and rent it for more than monthly payments, that’s what I did.
The sponsorship: on cashback sites like Poulpeo and Ebuyclub, you earn 10% of the earnings of your godchildren, for life. Becoming an annuitant of a few cents a month without doing anything, it may seem little, but it’s nice! It’s up to you to sponsor as many people as possible🙂

The interests of your booklets

UCITS. Another scary acronym 😀But anyone can do it, just ask your bank. Basically, you give your money to a fund that invests it for you, and it can yield more than a booklet, always passively for you.
You’ve understood it: in my life, I try to multiply the sources of income, and I make them that they ask me the least effort possible once I put them in place.

Euro per euro, so I am gradually building up an annuity; a safety cushion. The income supplement gradually becomes a real income!

I will now give you some ideas to try to do the same thing 😉

How to increase your income?
You will tell me :

If it were so easy, everyone would do it!

I hear well. And do not think it will be easy or fast.

Life is not lotto; we have nothing without nothing🙂

But with a little patience and method, everyone can do it.

As I said above, I’m not talking about your salary alone. I’m talking about all the income you can glean here and there. Here are some examples of how to make more money:

In your work
Aim for a better paying job
Doing overtime
Make holidays, evenings and Sundays
Negotiate an increase (100% of winners have taken a chance!)
Looking for another job
Create a business or activity as a self-entrepreneur

In your daily life
Sell your useless things
Give private lessons
Do some DIY for someone
Keep animals
Do paid surveys
Make affiliation through your website if you have one
Rent your home on Airbnb
Rent a cellar or a room as furniture storage thanks to sites like Costockage
Rent your car on Ouicar (when you do not use it, that is to say, most of the time)

Finally, to sustainably improve your financial situation, as I said above: invest.

And do not be afraid to learn to invest! Nobody is born with this knowledge; it is normal to be a little lost. Read my article on books that will help you become rich.

The book ” Everyone deserves to be rich ” Olivier Seban is a marvel for lazy people wishing to take control of their finances. It is very easy and quick to read and is full of tips to help you. If you only need to read one, read this one! The first edition is available free of charge on Olivier Seban’s website.

Finally, my only advice if you have a burning desire to make money is to get out of inaction. Because time passes, and he does not wait for you.